About DNA Testing in Liverpool

Based in Liverpool England, we are at the heart of the North’s life sciences business and research community and we are ideally placed to provide a DNA testing service second to none throughout the Liverpool area.

What sets us apart

We strive to be the best DNA supplier in Liverpool and here are a just a few reasions we are the best at DNA paternity testing.

More Care

We offer a level of customer service second to none. Our UK based call centre staff are fully trained to deal with any sensitive issues you may have with your testing.

More Convenience

We make DNA, drug and alcohol testing easy for you. If your buying a home peace of mind paternity test then we include full instructions on how you can take the DNA samples yourself.

If your looking for a legal DNA, drug or alcohol test you will need your samples collecting by an independant third party. We provide a Liverpool sample collection service, where one of our expert sample collection nurses will collect your samples from a place conveniant to you.

More Value

Our pricing structure is second to none. We will price match any legal testing such as a legal paternity test.

For more information about any of our testing services please call: 0333 600 1300

We use AlphaBiolabs for all our DNA testing services. For more information please visit www.alphabiolabs.co.uk

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To order your testing service please call: 0333 600 1300 or contact us today.
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DNA Paternity Testing

We have two types of paternity test available for our Liverpool clients. Be sure to pick the right DNA paternity test for your needs. learn more

Other DNA Services

We have a wide range of DNA relationship testing available for you to choose from, including sibling testing and grandparent testing. learn more

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We have a range of drug and alcohol testing services including hair strand drug testing for UK courts.
Drug Testing
Alcohol Testing